c London Community Herbalists


There are 2 forms of membership of London Community Herbalists:

The Committee

The committee is responsible for running London Community Herbalists as a whole. We have evolved a structure for people interested in joining; first get in touch by emailing membership@lcherbalists.co.uk to discuss coming along to a meeting. This allows you to meet members, see if you like the group and get an idea of how we work. If you’re not scared off come to a few more meetings – it you’re still not put off you can ask to be considered for membership at your third meeting (as a minimum). Members are voted in by consensus.

Associate Membership

This is for people who want to maintain more informal links; perhaps to find out about the projects or to get involved by volunteering. If you are interested in becoming an associate member, please send an email to membership@lcherbalists.co.uk