Elsa Hamaz

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  1. 14 Fletching Road, Hackney, London E5 9QP

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  1. Day: Monday to Saturday
  2. Evenings: Monday to Friday

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  1. 020 8533 0342
  2. Mobile: 07939 610 283


  1. elsahamaz@btopenworld.com


  1. www.herbalistix.co.uk

About me

I am passionate about providing natural and affordable health care.

I offer herbal medication of the highest quality free from artificial additives and made with organic ingredients where possible. Remedies are all produced in-house with herbs from reputable suppliers, home-grown stock or harvested locally, in the European Alps and in Algeria.

Herbal medicine is always tailored to your individual health needs and personal requirements. I offer non-alcoholic, vegetarian and vegan prescriptions.

As a Herbal Practitioner, I am also informed by my earlier professional experience in caring and paramedical positions as a physiotherapist, auxiliary nurse and Barnados sharing care worker. My work is also influenced by my role as a mother and horticulturalist.

I have a particular interest in the energy links between plants and humans. I believe that the complexity of a whole plant medicine is ideally suited to the intricate dynamics of human health.

Herbal medicine can truly complement conventional medical treatments and in many cases is in fact an effective alternative.

Having grown up in South Tyrol, a bilingual Alpine region of Northern Italy, I speak a German dialect, Italian and basic French. I am now settled in Hackney, East London, where I have lived since 1977 with my Algerian husband and four children.