Are you a herbalist working in the London area?

Would you like to be part of a joint initiative to promote herbalists and herbal medicine in London?

London Community Herbalists would like to provide a service to Londoners that gives them the opportunity to research the right herbalist for them.

Herbalists are a diverse bunch with different strengths, aspirations and specializations. As are our patients. So, in a spirit of openness, transparency and inclusion we are creating a database of London herbalists that we hope will serve patients and practitioners alike.

We are inviting you to submit a page of details that gives a picture of you as a unique practitioner.

London Community herbalists are registered with and we are in Yellow Pages. We are investigating ways to impact on search engines. There will be an opportunity for patients to search by area and key words.

If you are interested you can download an application form and details.

If you have further questions, send us an email to

You can also look at some sample profiles.