About us

Founder members are qualified medical herbalists. As our group has expanded we have come to draw members from other sections of our communities with different skills. Our membership includes a variety of backgrounds: mental health, nursing, counselling, art, community service and gardeners.

We formed our group initially to provide and promote herbal medicine throughout all sections of the community; we wanted herbal medicine to be accessible to everyone. We recognised that herbal medicine is a holistic discipline that addressees more than our physical bodies.

Why re-connect people with plants?

When we rise in the morning we drink coffee which is provided for us by South America, or tea by a Chinese or tea by a West African. Before we leave for our jobs we are already beholden to half the world

Martin Luther King

As powerful an imperative as I believe the practical arguments for conservation are, a change in perception and value about our place in nature could achieve vastly more.

Tom Lovejoy, Radio 4 Reith lectures on bio-diversity

Plants are fundamental to life. Your last meal contained plants. Most of the clothes you are wearing come from plants. Many of the medicines doctors use are derived from plants. Plants are part of ritual and sacred use in all cultures. Plants provide much of our housing, furniture, fuel, tools and transport even in the 21st Century.

Increasing awareness of plants inevitably increases awareness of sustainability and this provides a link that can re-connect people to the planet.