Welcome to London Community Herbalists

We are a not for profit organisation who formed with the aim of bringing herbal medicine back into the heart of our community.

The aims of LCH broadly are; to promote healthy individuals, healthy communities and a healthy environment.

There are obviously many ways to do this. Since we are mostly herbalists we concentrate on the skills we have: as herbalists, as gardeners, as teachers.

We are available for projects that meet the aims of our organisation for example teaching, giving workshops, conducting walks, helping build gardens and, where we can, offering accessible and cheap herbal medicine.

We also act as a resource point for herbalists needing advice on similar projects or setting up group structures as well as for the general public interested in herbalism or community projects.

London Community Herbalists are firmly committed to high standards of professionalism and ethical conduct. As herbalists we are bound by our code of confidentiality. We are also committed to maintaining our high standards through continuing professional development and peer supervision.